Into the Darkness
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Name's Skywarp. Recently, I've worked alongside Senator Ratbat. Tryin' to survive here is a pain in the after burners. So is being alone.

I need to ...apologize to my former trinemate, Thundercracker.
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Some screencaps I took of RiD Skywarp from RiD 27. I wish these were of better quality but maybe sometime it’ll come out better .o.  MY BABY <333 

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Gah I hate how they’re so fuzzy .o. More screencaps of RiD Skywarp I took. My babbbbyyyy <333 He’s finally getting a big role and I’m so damn happy ;A; YOU DESERVE A LOT SKYWARP YOU REALLY DO

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The other flier winced, both in pain and a rush of anger. His wounds were less severe than his opponent but his leaking side was starting to take its toll him, especially now once the heat of battle dropped down and with his wing burned and shot through he could forget about flying.

Starscream was angry at himself, he was so close of achieving a breakthrough in his research… and where did that lead him? He was on his own in foreign dimension, far from his trinemates on whom he could count on! He bites his lower lip in annoyance, desperately looking around for a solution, a way out of this mess. His optics lock on the Iacon, bizzare looking city, in the distance and he instantly calms down. If he can only reach it before…

"What… did you say was out here?"

Skywarp was busy trying to take care of himself. Yet his attention is grabbed by Starscream. “The planet, duh. Its out to exterminate us all yet we continue to choose to live here.” The only safest points were the cities really.

He needed to get himself fixed and with Thundercracker gone, most of the Cons gone and Starscream, who didn’t give a crap was going to give him some trouble on getting fixed any time soon and going to the Autobots was pretty much out of the question… He didn’t want to be chipped again nor thrown into prison. He’ll have to suffice with what he has right now.

Stumbling along the slab he was on, he had to make it to Iacon before the planet decided to pin-point his location and if it did, that wouldn’t be so good. Flying might be a little wonky… Running would be extremely tiring and warping far distances was out of the question.  Just making up his mind, he forgets about the alternate Starscream and makes a beeline towards the city, but first, he had to go through quite a distance worth of land to get there and over and under rugged terrain.

Taking one last glance, he jumps off the slab he was on and slides down it, heading towards the city. Who was he to help someone that was trying to take away his ability. Skywarp might be more badly damaged but right now, he didn’t care, too much ‘into the zone’ to care, sort of like adrenaline.

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Starscream’s landing was rather harsh. He was lucky he didn’t land on any spikes or other sharp pieces of metal sticking out of the ground. Yet still he feels sore from his wounds and the unpleasant warping. 


He snarls pulling himself up. The scenery around them surprised him to say the least. Wild ruins, metal and spikes rising from the ground, air full of weird metallic smell.

"Where are we?"

Thought the answer was obvious he couldn’t help asking. Even their Cybertron never look so haunted and hostile when both armies were forced to leave it.

A snort leaves the dark Seeker. “We’re on Cybertron. My Cybertron.”

Skywarp would’ve thought it’d been rather obvious, given the great amount of metal on the surface of the planet. They were just outside Iacon. The city’s lights glowing in the distance. He turns to look, it wasn’t too far. Nah.

He grunts as he stays on his elevated slab. Everything hurt, but mostly his helm, feeling dried and trickling energon from where he was hit so many times. Well, for the most part, his frame had splatters of energon from their little skirmish, blades and shots fired. Yet, he stays rather quiet, not wanting to disturb the planet, if it was going to wel…release its tentacle things.. A small whine escapes him, not that Starscream could hear it, but he wished Thundercracker was here but that wasn’t going to happen, might as well at least notify him that he’s back but he hadn’t heard from the blue flier in a long long time..

The dark flier pushes his own self up, grabbing onto one of the slabs of metal to keep himself steady till he could recollect himself fully.

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The resident Decepticon leader hisses falling down and looking after his specimen. There was no way he was letting him go now. Sparks fly in the air while next generators are starting to catch on fire. Starscream looks back at his workbench, all his work lost. He glares daggers at the escaping Skywarp and he jumps after him, managing to catch his leg before the other got away. Unfortunately his guest was stronger than he was and in comparison his frame was lighter, hence he got dragged along.

"Eugh, I did not think this through…!"

He mumbles to himself annoyed and aims his minigun at Skywarp’s back, wanting to shoot him down while his ride was too focused on escaping. His weapon charged up but before he manages to fire it he feels the familiar unpleasant hitch. Starscream grabs Skywarps leg with his other hand, clutching to it tightly while his vision started to blur and an awful noise filled his audials. It was just few seconds yet it felt much longer before everything calmed down and his frame relaxed. 

He slowly opens his optics, quite afraid of what he might see. Will it be Earth? Space? Cybertron? The answer to his question was much more simpler as the first thing he saw was actually the bottom of Skywarps foot meeting with his face, forcing him to let go of his leg and fall down.

A hiss releases from Skywarp as his back is hit; his frame was already disappearing into a warp jump, gaining all of the possible energy he had and makes it through and back onto his own Cybertron. Knowing that Starscream would be dizzy, somewhat, he kicks at his enemy then shoots off a ways away before crashing into a slab of metal.

A small whine escapes him as he grabs at the slab and slowly pulls himself up; his back burning from that odd explosion of this Starscream’s weapon. He turns around to rub his back against the metal slab, trying to cool himself down.

"Frag." Turning around, "Well lookie here." He stumbles some. His warp drive was exhausted and he was a bit tired. He takes out his energon cube and sips at it then puts it away.

Skywarp grunts, sitting on the slab. His entire frame ached but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. “Seems as if we’re in the No Man’s Land.” It was really just an uninhabited part of the planet. It was like this in-between cities. “We’ll — I mean, you’ll be lucky if one of those tentacle things don’t come and snatch ya up.” Laughing a bit, “Horrible way to go.”

"Giddy giddy. This is great." (Not really). He looks around, seeing lights just over the horizon. They weren’t too far from Iacon. Looking down, he spots his shattered cockpit, trying to hide away his warp drive from Starscream or anything. It felt weird and kind of tickled as he moved the wires over it again.

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Starscream almost got the warp drive when he felt the frame shaking. Darn, that was way too soon! He tried to jerk away but his hand was stuck between the cables and before he could do anything else Skywarp’s pede met his lovely face. He falls back and grunts bouncing off the generator. 

"Tch! Are you going to cry?"

 He scoffs and quickly gets back on his feet, which turned out to be a bad idea. His optics widen and he tries to dodge the volley of shots, successfully avoiding most of them. He stumbles with a faint yelp when one of the shots hits his side and the other hits his wing.

He lets out a curse ignoring the wound for now jumping towards the purple flier. He couldn’t let him escape! Not now when he was vulnerable! When another round of shots came at him with a swift movement he detached a piece of his armour, a part of his alt-mode’s wings strapped to his hips that could serve as a sword, and reflected few of the shots at the same time closing the distance between them.

"You have nowhere to run!"

The flier felt pretty confident. He had Skywarp cornered and maybe the other had guns but they weren’t faster than his blade. 

"Got you n-?!"

His sword stopped mid-air when a hissing noise caught his attention. Skywarp’s first salvo beside hitting Starscream also hit the generators fueling the dam. Few of them let out few sparks before catching on fire. Starscream knew that this technology was outdated but to be so fragile?! His optics widen in both surprise and disbelief.

"What have you done?!"

“Hah. I don’t cry.” He’s been through a lot worse than this little skirmish. It actually felt good to hurt a Starscream, well he didn’t really know this one but still. His own was so mean. A grunt leaves him as he’s jumped at, trying to block some of it with his arms.

“Nowhere? I have plenty places to run.” Thanks to his warp drive and faster speed.  His optcs gleam a bit. ‘What have I done? Not my problem.” His wings flare out and he growls at him.  Thinking for a moment, he should shoot straight at Starscream and make a bee-line for the exit. Looking around, he attaches the gun to his back for now and grabs a pull, yanking it from the wall. He pinches the tip of it to make it somewhat thing to act like a spear of sorts.

His optics roll. “What? Not happy that your prize might get away. Maybe I should just drop you off in the middle of nowhere.” Making up his mind finally, he rushes at the mech—  “I feel so special that you want me,” —not caring if he was hurt or not and whacks the seeker in the side with the pole and grabs onto his propeller,— “I’m hard to get” —yanking him forwards and trying to shove him out of the way. “Get away ya fat aft.”

Another punch rolls forth at the mech, still not caring if he himself got hit or whatever in the process. He’s too much in the zone right now to fully pay attention to the wounds that are inflected upon him. His wings flex back as he stumbles again. Oh wait… heel thrusters. Scrambling more, he turns on his heel thrusters (after accidently falling over) then shoots off down the corridor (letting enough time accidently so that Starscream might grab onto him), feeling the passage getting tighter in some spots then suddenly  tight, shooting out of the top the dam and accidently slamming into one of the dam’s towers (didn’t really pay attention to that there..). If this gets out of hand more, Skywarp might just have to warp out of there.

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"Ah yes, I think you mentioned that. You know, you look really tired…"

His optics follow Skywarp and when the right moment presents itself he hits the back of his helmet with a large wrench repeatedly, at least until he is sure that the other flier stopped moving. The foreign Skywarp had several advantages over him so he had to make sure that he won’t get a chance to strike back.

"… why don’t you take a nap? Ah, that’s better."

He vents deeply and looks over the wrench that in the result of the beating got twisted a bit and covered with pink dots. Starscrean runs a quick scan before moving the body only to discover that his assault only knocked his guest out.

"Heh, I guess thick skull is a common trait shared by all Skywarps…"

Maybe that was better, after all the specimen could turn out useless by being dead. But that’s enough of theorizing. Without any further delay he made a makeshift table and moved the body. He had to act quick, before Skywarp wakes up or his trinemates come back. Oh, how he missed his tools now. Like something proper to force a stasis on the test subject… but he will have to manage with what he had.

He removes the glass from the other’s cockpit and starts taking it apart to get into the lower layers of the Skywarp’s armour. Once he gets to the wiring the things got a bit messier, he pushes the cables and components aside gropingly looking for the warp drive. The task turns out to be tedious in these spartan conditions, so the flier doesn’t miss the opportunity to complain about the whole situation.

"Tch. If I only had my tools! And better lightning! This universe is so primitive! Of course our ship had to crash where now there is an ocean and all of our equipment went to scrap thanks to th-“

Starscream cuts when he notices a violet light beaming through the cables, deep down the gaping hole. There was no mistake that it was what he was looking for, the readings confirmed his assumptions. The scanner also brings interesting results he couldn’t get earlier.

"Now this is interesting. Better than whole your warping and yapping about your own universe.”

He snorts talking to unconscious Skywarp glad to hear no response. Leaning over his body he tries to reach out for the drive and carefully cut it out without damaging it.

"I hope there is no hard feelings between us, you know dear Skywarp, it is all for science. Science requires sacrifices, and yours will be not forgotten."

When he feels something hitting against the back of his helm, he began to growl, about to turn around when things suddenly went….. dark. The large seeker just collapses to the floor. Oh how he was going to be mad when he finally got up.

The dark seeker continues to lay still as the Starscream works on him. Warning signs pop up on his HUD but of course, with him being knocked out, he cannot respond to them. It has to be sometime he’s been out now, with himself being all opened up and worked on. It will be pretty soon till he fully awakens now. He might be a bit dazed but he’ll get up with ‘adrenaline rush’ as the humans call it. Fight or flight. Or both. Who knows really.

The little lights on his frame still glow, but now just a tad bit brighter as his systems start to reboot themselves. Suddenly his systems fully reboot themselves and Skywarp jolts away, only to find himself on a table and excruciating pain coming from his abdomen/mid-section. A hitch of air inhales into his vents as he looks down to see his cockpit busted and Starscream’s servos digging into his frame. Not thinking straight, he wiggles himself and kicks a pede up, ramming it against Starscream to knock him out of the way so that he can get himself up and off the table.

A grunt leaves him as he plops off the table and stumbles to his pedes, having warning signs pop up all over the place. His wings flick back and grunts a bit more.

“Starscreams… .should have known better. You’re no different than the one from my universe.” Maybe except for he hasn’t done a super horrible beating to him but still… that was pretty low. He reaches out behind him and pulls out his gun, the only thing he has as a weapon at least he thinks? He had all of his weapons dismantled when he was imprisoned and from the ID Chip situations…. He charges the gun and lets it fire at the mech, not such of good aim but still, anything ot help slow him down while he tries to get out of here.

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Thar u go! 

Aaaaah! He’s so adorable. I love him! :3c &lt;333



Thar u go! 

Aaaaah! He’s so adorable. I love him! :3c <333

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(((Awww ;m; ))

(((Awww ;m; ))

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